Land Development Surveys

If you’re looking for a professional land development survey to be completed by a qualified land development surveyor, speak to our specialists at Ken McDonald Surveys.

Our Land Development Surveys

At Ken McDonald Surveys, we specialise in a range of land development surveys for various clients, including government agencies and commercial or residential clients. Some of the more common land development surveys we perform are:

  • Rural and residential subdivision surveys
  • Building/community titles
  • Planning and design
  • Development Applications
  • Property Reports
  • Investigations and feasibility
  • Plan sealing Applications

Property & Community Title Subdivisions

Property Subdivisions, Amalgamation Surveys & Community Title Subdivisions are completed by Cadastral Surveyors when you intend to subdivide or develop your property. Ken would be happy to provide advice as to which type of subdivision best suits your development.

Lease & Easement Surveys

Lease & easement Surveys are typically undertaken in order to grant rights over a portion of land or building as agree to by the land owners. Easements can grant access to or from a property, they can be created to protect services & even provide rights of occupation to cover an existing encroachment. Lease Surveys are undertaken for many purposes, from a lease of land to undertake mining activities through to preparation of lease plan for a shop tenancy within a building.

Identification Surveys

Identification Surveys are completed by Cadastral Surveyors to confirm and re-mark existing boundary lines. These are generally undertaken for the following purposes-

  • Developing a property to confirm exact location & dimensions,
  • Fencing a property to ensure fences are constructed in their correct locations.
  • Boundary disputes between neighbours to determine land ownership
  • Pre-sales advice to report on the location of improvements on the land prior to purchase.
  • Purchasing a property to ensure you know what you are buying.

Do I Need a Professional Land Development Surveyor?

Under Queensland legislation, land development surveys must be completed by a professional third party. Specialist equipment and knowledge is often required for these particular types of surveys and it is not certifiable if completed by someone without the appropriate qualifications.

Why Choose Ken McDonald Surveys

When you choose Ken McDonald Surveys, you’re choosing a company invested in reliability, professionalism and quality. For decades, we’ve honed our craft in the surveying industry and it's for this reason that we now consider ourselves one of the leading providers of surveying services.

You simply can’t go past our team of professionals, who are committed to providing you with the best possible customer experience each and every time.

For professional land development surveys completed with specialist equipment by qualified staff, contact Ken McDonald Surveys today.

  • All types of Cadastral Surveys
  • Land Development Survey
  • Engineering Surveys for all purposes
  • GPS & Mapping Survey Services

Client focus and trustworthy relationships, an attention to detail that can’t be beaten and quality, reliable services underpin our operations at Ken McDonald Surveys.

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